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Miserable people don’t find peace in any world

In the post-death life, the rituals are mature, the thought system goes to sleep. At the same kind of thoughts and actions, the man...

Contemplation is essential for spiritual progress

Today there is such a paradox that people have to fulfill their duties by replacing some letters and doing work, performing eulogy and gifts....

Spirituality of spirit for self knowledge

There is another class- intelligence vision realists. They believe in the sage tradition and with the true heart believe that they were rich in...

The true nature of spirituality

Those who are considered as special people in good or bad areas have a desire to know about the developments associated with their lifecycle....

Grace of a perfected man

On that day, I understood another new thing that the grace of a perfected man is only for the sake of public interest, for...

The Divine in the form of a light

After showing detailed descriptions of all previous births from birth to death, he told how they were with us in all these and became...

Believe on own eligibility

The disciples live in search of gurus. If you ever have a compassionate gift, then consider yourself blessed. They want to get something from...

The believes of sages on tomb

The compassion of God can say that untimely birth anniversary of us was done at the age of fifteen and it was just as...

Discipline should in our life

In the preceding period, sages used to live according to his own interests and facilities from cow faced. The area is now filled with...

The mind is center of spirituality

As long as it is a gross body, it is a hassle. Ongoing into astral body, requirements are eliminated, which are associated with gross...
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