Believe on own eligibility


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The disciples live in search of gurus. If you ever have a compassionate gift, then consider yourself blessed. They want to get something from them. What is the reason that I have received the grace of such a perfect man unintentionally? Is not it any pseudo? In the invisible thing, the matter of disclosure is heard to be related to the ghosts and meeting with them is considered the reason for any inauspicious disadvantage. After seeing the philosophy, this resolution began to arise in mind. The suspicion arises, there was no ominous thing to fall into any calamity.


He got this confusion from me. Not satisfied But after knowing the object situation, he liked to reach any conclusion and take steps later. This was evident from seeing their happy face. Instead of destroying the time in asking for the reason, he liked it to understand the introduction, the reason for coming and reminding me of the past birth, to automatically choose a special purpose. If someone comes home, then there is also a public behavior to introduce him and the reason for his arrival. Then weighing a weighty visitor whose home comes home. Unconsciously moving the light and the unwanted man down here also reduces their significance, and there is no doubt that there is no reason behind such happening in the mind of any reasoning intellectual person and wonder.


The person said in light of the worship, ‘Your thinking is right.’ Those who associate with Godheads, test them. They spend some time investigating before spending their power and time. It does not happen that whatever you want, it begins to appear and its intended purpose is complete. Regardless of the difference between a person and a potent person, it is never possible for anybody to add a relation to a wise and powerful person. Many people think that there is a benefit in connecting with a great man, but forgets why the other party will lose their power for the sake of a meaningless person?


‘We have been looking for such a deserving people from a microscopic point of view, which should give a direct reason to make the cause of the occasional public welfare. We have this subtle body. Gross work is not created from the astral body. For this, a gross body stalker has to be used as a medium and weapon. It’s a heterogeneous time. There are more possibilities of human being harmed in it.

To solve them, you have to make the medium. What is lacking is to remove it. Have your guidance and cooperation. It has come to you for this purpose. By now you were familiar with your normal life. The ordinary person was watching himself. There is also a reason for dilemma. Describe your eligibility, even then your doubts may not be redressed. Anyone believe in something unintended, where is the time too? That is why you were informed about the last three births.



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