Contemplation is essential for spiritual progress


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Today there is such a paradox that people have to fulfill their duties by replacing some letters and doing work, performing eulogy and gifts. Do not try to mold contemplation, character, and behavior into the structure of idealism, which is essential in the essential form of spiritual progress. In the practice of meditation, the inclusion of this mistake was not taken into consideration only from the beginning. Indeed, he is also realistic and also useful for the ordinary. Keeping this attitude in mind, you should read the life story.

Those people who live a simple or poor life, leaving the body in longing, anguish and the enchanted condition often fall in the phantom genes, it has been told in the previous pages. There is no special progress in the soul in this vagina, induced by non-attachment, hatred, malice, etc., it tries to oppress, threaten or harm others. There are some who are very furious because they are very ill, and want to live with their loved ones, this loss does not bring anything but they keep asking for something to satisfy their desires. A matter like a body is not the body of these spirits and neither does it require food water. Even the gross things like food water not be eaten from the astral body. Even then their desires are awakened and they want to absorb the sensory experiences experienced in previous lives.


You may have noticed that some patients lying on the bed, ask for a variety of delicious food. Those things are given to them, and one half of them do not even eat. It is almost similar to these dead bodies, they want to enjoy the pleasures enjoyed in the human body, but it is not possible to absorb them in the body they are in. The soul which is in the body of the tree not enjoy the pleasures of the animal body, nor any animal capable of enjoying those pleasures which the trees receive. Therefore, while avoiding the phantom, humans are unable to tastes the flavor of the body, by experiencing this inability, they become even more unstable. And take the annoyance to the people who are close to you. They suffer from them.


Yes, sometimes an elderly person is seen seeing them an exception. At the time of death his understanding mature, for children, there is a sense of affection, affection, support, and forgiveness. The senses are also satisfied in most of them. Such a ghost, who lives in the house, help people in the house, alert the objections, and deliver whatever they can provide for a lot of help in troubleshooting. They do not deliberately do any such thing which is harmful to relatives. A tendency of man is such that if he does not fulfill the desire of himself, then he feels the joy of self-gratification by completing the second.

When a grown-up man does not play with small toys because of the shame, but he brings good toys for his children and seeing his play experiences his fulfillment. Similarly, the phantom orders to feed others to satisfy their lust and also satisfies satisfaction with their fulfillment. It is often seen that the phantom of making such food to a Brahmin or such a person is demanded by the people. That’s the reason for this. Work has been done according to his wishes and such people mentioned by him have achieved the fulfillment benefits. Seeing this, they are satisfied and the anxiety decreases.



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