Discipline should in our life


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In the preceding period, sages used to live according to his own interests and facilities from cow faced. The area is now filled with tourists, pilgrims, and businessmen. That’s why he has been left to those people. Many Gods have become temples so that history of travelers, history of ancient period and continuation of inhabitants continued.


It is believed that they were in contact with the subtle body masses while still in the gross body. He has written in his books that in the remote Himalayas, there is a ‘Parliament of Invisible Success Men’. Similarly, the divine inhabitants of that area were also called ‘invisible assistants’. Guru said that ‘that is all true, you will see all of this from divine eyes, in same Himalaya region, where we live.’ Tibet region came under Himalayan circumference of those days. The physical body does not see it, but we got the assurance of seeing it with the help of our guide Guru.


Guru said, ‘Keep waiting for our call.’ When status of examination will be deemed to be suitability and necessity, then it will be called. Do not wish him or his will to wait Do not even excuse yourself from curiosity. That will be all meaningless. After your dedication, this responsibility becomes ours. ‘By saying so, they become distraught.

The seventy-five years of our lives have been completed. In this long period, I just wanted to do one thing and got ready to do the same. That purpose was exploration of ‘Meditation from Success’ – Supervision. It was appropriate for this, like the way many scientists did the exploration work by putting the whole life and by which the great service of the whole human race could be possible, it should be seen that from ancient times ‘ The principle of the process of ‘accomplishment’ is right or wrong? Do this by testing yourself and not on others.

This question arose from the age of ten years and continued in the field of continuous thinking until the age of fifteen years. In the meanwhile, to introduce other developments, it can only be said that our father brought our thread ceremony ritual to his classmate, In the village school, till the primary school, he studied. Dad read Sanskrit grammar on the basis of the small-scale theory. Meanwhile, there was a marriage too. Wife discipline was dear, hardworking, serving and cooperative in our determinations. Just understand that fifteen years have passed.


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