Grace of a perfected man


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On that day, I understood another new thing that the grace of a perfected man is only for the sake of public interest, for the sake of realization-enrichment. They are not related to any relation or indifferent opponents. Nobody would be pleased to give any fame, wealth to them. Great Brahma – The world is the only human being. For the sake of that, they put their own people; Ramakrishna-Vivekananda, There is no such thing in his affinity, the work of accomplishing miracles, praiseworthy, showing or teaching should be understood, that there is a poor tendency of a guru and a disciple and a play like a magician-juggler is running. Whosoever smells of fragrance flower smell.

Tiger Baba used to call the tiger in his hut. Samadhi Baba used to be trapped in the ground for several days. Success Baba used to fulfill the wish of the visitors. Such people also went around in the mind and came to understand that if these incidents were behind the magic of the Mesmerism level, then how can greatness be? The incidents like living in a cave in cold conditions are also curious. If the ordinary man does not does that, then if he does something like a gimmick, then there is a success throughout saying it.

Staying silent, keeping food on hand, laying one hand up, spending time lying on the swing, such as extravagant juggling, can be proved, but if there is a genuine or a disciple, then it can be found in the ancient times of people welfare sages, who took life for life, had to walk on the highway. In the modern era, it would have to walk on the path like Vivekananda, Able to go. God is not pleased with mere chanting of his name, nor does he need worship, etc. Those who take this world garden to picturesque, well-developed, their names and chants are worthwhile. These thoughts kept rising in my mind on the day of the same spring festival because they had said clearly that ‘the task of people welfare is to be done simultaneously along with the completion of the shortage in the eligibility.’ One after the other, not both together. ‘Tell the twenty-four-year-old rules to follow, as well as to work as a true self-servant in the freedom struggle.


On that day, he described how his entire life should be run, its nature and a complete description. Not only did he tell himself, but he carried himself in his hand. Not only did this, but also made every effort to succeed.


On that day we surrendered to him with a true heart. No voice, the soul said – ‘Whatever is nearby, offering sacrifice for your sake. We have not seen God, but he is doing the same well that he could. So you are our god. Whatever you have told you today is the structure of life, there will be no ritualism in it. ‘


In this context, the more detailed explanation that he had to tell, so said. Such information is sufficient for the readers to read, as mentioned above. According to the instructions given to them, all the work went on for a lifetime, and they were getting achievements, who have brought us into the present situation today.



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