Miserable people don’t find peace in any world


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In the post-death life, the rituals are mature, the thought system goes to sleep. At the same kind of thoughts and actions, the man is full of life, while the consciousness prevails in post-independence situations and unintentionally, the order of speed methods of the same level continues.

For the life of post-death, peace, happiness, and benevolence, it needs to be prepared in this birth. While keeping high thinking and pure life, where elk life can be kept commendable and respected, its result can be high in the post-independence period. The evil and evil life order is not appreciated in this world, nor does it allow peace in the world. Disturbed, miserable people do not find peace in this world, either in the world.


In the history of Japan, the story of a seventeenth-century giant Socorro has become like a historical fact, and those who commit abusers are often told that the event sequence is that they come out of nothing.

Japan was divided among the feudal system in those days. The capital was Yedos, but the vassals used to operate their bases. One such place was Sakuragarh of Shimsa province. It was a feudatory-Kotsuke He imposed excess taxes on the people and oppressed the farmers so much that they scoffed. Eventually, the farmers of 136 villages decided to reach the ears of their guilty vassal. They used to think that the small staff harassed them. If the Samant has to know they matter, then he will listen to them. With this thought, they started their representative Sakura. His father was 48 years old Socorro. Those people wrote a long petition and tried to give it to the vassal. Officials did not allow them to meet and returned the application and returned the application. Even so, he did not give up the courage and when Samantha was entering his fortress, he stopped his wagon and handed it in the application. There too it was canceled. The other farmers were returned, but Sogoro stayed in a tavern and decided to send the misery of the farmers to the emperor of Japan.

Coincidentally, the emperor was supposed to come there to worship at the tombs of his ancestors. Farmer understood this good opportunity and stopped the emperor’s copy of the petition and stopped him in his hand. The result was nothing but Samant arrested Socorro. He was prosecuted for being authoritarian and conspirator against the rulers. In order not only to punish him but to all his family he was ordered to be killed. In the presence of a group of people, the 48-year-old Sogoro, his 38-year-old wife Min, 13-year-old son Jenosuke, 10-year-old son Sohail, 7-year-old son Kihavi were fired in the presence of the group. The viewers stopped looking at this misdeed.

The bodies were buried, but there was a tremendous rise in the atmosphere of not being able to experience a fire and suffocation everywhere. The rulers are surrounded by strange horrors. On the third day, there were improved announcements. Investigation of atrocities against farmers started and all the consultants of Sakuragarh, government head of four districts, two officers, seven judges of three judges were dismissed and all the taxes increased and farmers’ bribes were lifted.

How did such a strange change happen? How did the feudal change? It was a matter of surprise, but those who knew that Sogoro’s phantom was lying behind this bad state family that now they do not appear to be good at some point. Samant Kotesuke Nosuke and his wife awoke awaiting the awful faint shadow of sleeping around them and seeing them, they will have to become the victim of death. The guard of the naked sword was placed, called Ojha-Tantrik but there was no prevention from anyone. Samant’s wife fell sick and her body was raised on the couch. He himself started living neatly. On one occasion, all the Samanta emperors in the capital, Yehashi were present to give an annual gift. Of these, Katsuke’s skirmish with the brother-in-law, he did not do so, and immediately killed the sword and killed him. After that, he ran away and ran into his hideout. The Emperor sent five thousand troops and captured his citadel, and captured the pigeon and arrested the capital and called it the capital. Where his head was blown in the same way as Sogoro was flown.


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