Spirituality of spirit for self knowledge


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There is another class- intelligence vision realists. They believe in the sage tradition and with the true heart believe that they were rich in spirit. They had benefited from themselves, others, and whole world from those figures. In comparison to physical science, those who believe in spirituality are superior, their curiosity remains that what is real nature and legislation? To say, every kun tells your berries to be sweet, but when those who do not believe in the story, the achievements are made, then it seems that how much water is in it?


The right action, by right people, should also have its effect on adoption for the right purposes. On the basis of which the sage tradition is to understand the nature of the soul, they do not need to do personal research. They can read and test our lives from end to end. In the last sixty years, every year has been spent for this purpose. His results are similar to open book. A serious view on these can be estimated that those achieving the right result must have adopted the right path. Such a wonderful path can also be exemplary for others. Those who are influenced by the dignity of self-knowledge and spirituality science, want to see their revival, want them to stand on criterion of conclusions, they certainly find the supervision, satisfying and the solution factor of the pages of our lives.


Except for some of the events being published in terms of direct incidents, there are not many quaintness and diversity in our life. There is no excuse for joking and magic miracles that express appreciation. A timely and well-organized approach has been devoting time. Therefore, those who find strangers may find it frustrating, but those who will be interested in the facts and mysteries behind the events, they will be introduced to such a conventional flow of spirituality, and they will understand that success, failure What is the reason? It is one of the reasons why it is not to pay attention to the activity and to refine the personality of the person, to attain the attainment of eligibility, that is why there is despair in worship zone and spiritualization of spirit becomes dishonorable, desire to be defamed is lascivious. Our actions are normal, but behind them is background, which leads to ability to promote Brahma-Intelligence and make it something important.


There is no benefit in addition to increasing the curiosity in the expansion of the event of the life of a living. It is a matter of fact that the insights associated with these actions and the inclusion of internal readiness, which is capable of making a huge tree, fulfilling the need for a small seed manure and water. Indeed, the personality of the seeker throws life in the order of cultivation, otherwise the activities are still being played.


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