The believes of sages on tomb


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The compassion of God can say that untimely birth anniversary of us was done at the age of fifteen and it was just as well, which was already planned by us for the law. The resolution thought in our childhood was the result of being transformed into an effort.

I was fifteen years old, worship was going on in the morning. It was the day of the spring festival. The eyes saw that there was no confusion anywhere. The light was direct. The thought of a ghost or demon-demon is not a vigilance. Even if you look carefully it does not matter. Wondering was also happening and was also scared. Was stunned.

In the middle of the light, the astral body of such a yogi emerged, the subtle, because the image was visible, but it was hanging in the middle of the light beam. Who is this? Surprise

That image started speaking and said – ‘We are associated with you with many births. They are guiding you. Now, after your childhood, you have come to the necessary guidance. Probably you do not have a memory of previous lives, this is going to fear and surprise. Look at the details of past lives and relieve your suspicions. ‘His sympathy and nonsense like meditation sleep started coming. It was sitting, but the situation became such that I am sleepy. Sleepiness started coming. How Yoga is sleep, I have experienced this for the first time in life. This situation is also called awake Samadhi. In this situation, after taking a dip one by one, the scene of my past many births began to appear as if it were not a dream but a direct event. Many movies of many births have passed in front of the eyes.


Today it is remembered that in the light of the man who attained home at the age of fifteen years, at the age of our fifteen years, he had appeared in the form of light in the vault of the worship, and after seeing them, the mind itself immediately raised many questions. Generally, curious giants are killed in search of sages. Joe-III asks. If you have any desire, then ask for boons of its fulfillment, but what was happening with him was the opposite of that. The talk of having a Guru had ended there too and never got the idea of receiving a guru. Then how was the benefit of unintentional, with which we also had to wonder how many legends we heard?



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