The benefits of doing meditation


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Our experience has been that as much as the curiosity of the seekers is to find a perfect man, innumerable guns are intended to seek the virtuous seekers of the perfect men. The seeker should be deserving of people. He has refined his contemplation, character, and behavior, he is the true seeker. They do not have to find a guide, but they run around to themselves, running and holding fingers and telling the path to move forward. Where they stumble, they pick up in the dock and cross it on the shoulder.

We were due to repeated calls to the Himalayas. Knowing that in the proximity of the dreary nature, in the absence of the creatures, the soul not be single-minded. Secondly, whether or not there is a friendly affair with violent animals living in this area, thirdly, the entire area is God. In it, the sages took up the form of Gods while living in the human body and played such roles in the form of dev humans, which was not possible for ordinary people in the absence of means and cooperation. They had to be directed to them.


His silent instruction was that the next day, the use of the available self-force is to be done together for the same purpose, which has been done from time to time, for the purpose of resolving the immediate problems, with its strong man’s happiness. This is the time in which countless shortcomings have to be met together. Some of the ancient deities-sages have been partially successful, some have also failed. This time alone they have to make all efforts and meet the demands of time. For this, the front should be taken captive for the time being, so that the responsibilities on the shoulders should be pre-informed, and how the ancestors do this by adopting pawn and applying the winning announcement, some success with this experience meet.

It was his instruction that our future Himalaya tours should be held in order to understand, adopt and pass the examination in all three purposes. He further said – ‘Like us people, you too must perform very important work through the subtle body. To perform the rehearsal, it has to be learned that in the part of the Himalaya, how long it can be held and how it can be attached to the purpose of the physical body.

In the cold winter, in the warming season, all the things of life-life are found, but there is no limitless pressure of seasons on the body, but how can the state of the Himalayan region be in disagreement with the help of the means, it is also an art, meditation. As the nuts practice many types of Curiosity after attaining the body, it is almost the same type of practice that has to be left alone. Leaves have to be done with the help of leaves and tubers and while living among the living creatures, their lives have to be saved.


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