The Divine in the form of a light


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After showing detailed descriptions of all previous births from birth to death, he told how they were with us in all these and became helpful.

They said – ‘This is your divine birth. You will also be supportive in this birth and will do it with this body, which is necessary from time to time, the subtle body-parts not be directly contacted, nor do the events occur only by the physical body, so the Yogis have to resort to them.

You got married so it is fine this is the time in which loneliness is less profit and risk is high. In ancient times, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Sun, etc. were all saintly. For the food, shelter, clothing, caress, etc., the mother also wants to get the discipline, teaching, grant from the father. The guru is the father and the master’s wife is the mother, it is also appropriate for the maintenance of the same saint tradition, it is also necessary. Nowadays in the name of spiritual discourse, the lazy people wear saints and spread illusions, I am happy with your marriage.

It can interfere in the middle but you will again find yourself in the form of a cooperative wife who has lived with you in the previous life, who will play an important role after living with you. In the last two births, you have to be a relative. Do not think that this will hinder the work. In fact, today, there will be a convenience in the circumstances and it will also help in the purpose of mutation. ‘



That holy day was the day of the spring festival. In the morning Brahma was the Auspicious beginning. Like daily, there was a rule of sandal worship. This was a continuation of the Divine philosophy of the Divine in the form of a light beacon, the same curiosity raised in the mind and its solution. The new sense of intimate affinity with that light beam His greatness, compassion, and his gratitude as well as his gratitude. This situation had rejuvenated the mind. By the time the family who seemed to belong to him, he began to go away and the light beacon that had just emerged started to appear that this is our soul.

With this, our past had been scattered and now the longer duration is to live, the longer the duration will remain associated with this. Do not say anything on your behalf. Do not want anything, but the order of the other is to obey it with life. This name is surrender. Surrender I did light on the same day God did the Divine and considered him not only as of the guide but the equivalent of God. That relation often comes to be more than sixty years. Without any argument, without fighting, without doing anything negative, their gesture has been moving on the same path. Whether it is possible or not, whether it will happen or not, what will be the consequences? None of these questions raised in the mind till today.


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