The love of devotee towards god


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We have explained to us  philosophy and nature of worship first of all to guide our lifestyles in  three programs of self-destruction. Said – ‘God will not dance at your will. You only have to be a devotee of God and have to follow his signs. If you can do this, n you will get benefit of being tainted. ‘


Giving examples, he explained that ‘Fuel is made of two clams, but when it is joined with fire, n all its properties come into  fire. Fire is not fuel, fuel has to be set. In  river it becomes like a holy and great, but it does not happen that  river overturns and get into such a dirty place. Iron is gold by touching  cross, iron is not made of Persia.  hope of a devotee that God will agree to dance on his gesture, is full of self-trickery.  devotee has to dance on  signs of God as a puppet. God does not fulfill  desires of  devotee. In order to fulfill God’s will,  devotee has to surrender himself.  droplets have to be mixed in  ocean. Sea drops are not formed. This is  only philosophy of worship. Whoever wants to sit near God, he should direct  direction, discipline.  follower of that, became a partner. ‘


We have to do this. Chanting of God’s worship kept meditating on  Far.  spirit has kept  same, like Kumar, you will follow  ideal of pilgrimage to both of you. You will not ask for something, but you can say that your true son will be able to say such a personality. Do not let your bad children do such defamation.


Due to this recognition, it could be possible to dissolve m in ir romance and in ir every wave. pleasure of meeting does not come in less than this, if he had considered a person special, difference between  two would remain and  obstacle in feeling of being self-sufficient would remain intact.

Those who have read our book ‘ Companion of  deserted’, y must have understood that by including ir high emotions in normal events and circumstances, a whole atmosphere full of heavenly emotions can be construed and remaining submerged in Sat chit,  feeling of joy can be. This is also a high level achievement. By gaining this, we continue to live in this normal life, like  Gods living in heaven.



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