The mind is center of spirituality


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As long as it is a gross body, it is a hassle. Ongoing into astral body, requirements are eliminated, which are associated with gross body. Prevention of cold-heat, appetite, prevention of pimples, pressure of sleep, and fatigue are all in this situation. Man can go a little while walking on foot, but for subtle body, traveling hundreds of plans in one day is possible. Together, one message can be delivered to the hearts of thousands of people through one mouth. Others can help so much micro-body stripe, which is not possible to have a gross body. Therefore, proven men work by subtle body. Their instruments are also different from physical body.


There is a small range of gross body stripes. All his power is spent in dealing with the obstacles of weakness, morbidity, affliction, etc. in order to raise needs of body, but benefit is that visible work can be done only from physical body. It is possible to exchange with people at this level. Therefore, contact with public has to work directly from direct body to remain simple. Then he becomes weak when he becomes a little weak and has to relinquish. In such a situation, the work started by him remains incomplete. Therefore, those who have to stay for a long period of time and give great motivation by giving inspiration and capabilities in intervals of important people, they have to enter subtle body.


‘Till then your gross body will remain useful, till then it will work. After this, it has to be left in subtle body. Then tools will be different, capabilities will increase. Specific people will be in touch. Large things will be done in this way. ‘


Guru said, ‘At the proper time, you will have to know about God from the Himalaya region. There are also many kinds of difficulties in this area. To practice subsistence among them, have made plans to make the order to reside there for a year. In addition, the heart of the Himalayas, which is called the center of spirituality, will have to wait four to four days, we will be together. physical body-like condition will continue to be made of astral body.

Who lives there, in what situation, how you have to live, it will also be known to you. In order to enhance the experience of the two regions, respectively, you will reach the position in which the sage remains engaged in fulfilling his determined resolutions. In short, this is the purpose of calling you the Himalaya four times. The practice which will have to be done for this, which will have to pass the exam, the purpose is also to call this.

The subtle body parts reside in the same area these days. After the last ice age, the circumstances have changed. Where the earth was in heaven, the atmosphere there is no longer suitable for the gods, so they live in space.


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